World of Wearable Art Bizzare bra book features my work

I got home from my conference trip to find a parcel from the World of Wearable Arts. The have just published a collection of their Bizarre bra entries over the years to raise funds for Breast Cancer awareness, and have included my Bra ” A Pair of Spitfires” My mum’s entry “A weight off my chest” is also in the book.

“One of the most successful kiwi cultural events, The World of WearableArt awards show, is celebrating its most titillating category in support of a great cause. Known for its outrageous and jaw-dropping entries, the Bizarre Bra section features handmade bras constructed from a huge range of materials. And now fans of the designs can get their hands on a book that displays the most creative and compelling examples of Bizarre Bras over recent years. From old telephone wires, to human hair and everything in between, the book is jam-packed with creative images. A donation from the funds raised through the sale of Bizarre Bras will go to the Breast Cancer Research Trust.”

The book is available here –

A Pair of Spitfires WOW Bizarre Bra book



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