Our 48 Hour film Sleep Shepherds wins the grand Final Art Direction Award!

A couple of months ago we took part in he 48 hour film festival. This would be our fifth time and second with team Dust Boot. I stepped up into the role of Director and Garry as Art Director. We set ourselves the usual challenge of using Puppets, Hand-made sets, and miniatures, with a bit of digital animation thrown in for good measure.

We got the dreaded musical genre, made even harder by only having two sound mix and composers on the team, but we had some great singers, and managed to pull it off. The team of 42 came from Massey University, the Wellington Maker space and the Hobbit Art Department.  We made the light studio in Massey’s new building Te Ara Hihiko our home for the weekend. Although the team did an amazing job we had the inevitable render crash at hand-in and had to hand in our less than perfect version without the best sound.

Our film ” Sleep Shepherds” won the regional finals for Art Direction, and Last night we won Art Direction and the Grand National finals!
So now it;s back the drawing board to see if we can make it three years in a row!

This list of winner is here – http://www.48hours.co.nz/2013/news/?mode=post&post_id=769

and a link to our flickr “making of” – http://www.flickr.com/photos/24338802@N06
Dust Boot - Sleep Shepherds

Dust Boot - Sleep Shepherds

Dust Boot - Sleep Shepherds

Dust Boot - Sleep Shepherds

Dust Boot - Sleep Shepherds1.43.17 AM

Dust Boot - Sleep Shepherdst 11.43.57 AM

Sleep Shepherds from tanya marriott on Vimeo.


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