Not One Tear : 48 hour film festival 2012

We took part in this years 2012 48 film festival. It was a new team, of roughly 30 players, a combination of several very successful teams and it really showed with the amount of nominations we received. Our genre was Inspirational, and the prop was a leaf, the line of dialog was “I did that!” To add to the challenges of the competition, we decided to use puppets as actors, be heavily art directed and combine tilt shift into our footage. I designed and made the puppets and co-ordinated soft furnishings. Our team also included most of my family including husband Garry as Art director and mum and brother. The professionals in our team were also joined by a group of my very talented recent film and animation graduates. We  lucky  to be able to use the Massey University’s green screen room, camera’s and kit, which gave us a strong standing for a professional production.

Although exhausting and stressful, it was heaps of fun, and we are all keen to do it all over again next year…. I guess the “Friday Night” creative block has already been forgotten.

Not One Tear was a Finalist in the Wellington region, received 7 nominations and 2 awards, and was a national finalist for 2 Awards.Nominated for – Best Cinematography, Best Original Score, Sexiest Looking Short, Best editing, Best Art Direction, Best use of character, Best Script.

Won – Best Art Direction, Sexiest Looking Short

National Nomination – Best Art Direction, Sexiest Looking Short

The film can be seen here –    and here

More photos are here –

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