New Dolls – Edward and Jane

Well it’s  been back to the Doll making grind stone again. I have been developing a body of work to be published in Volume 2 of White Cloud Worlds. This time was  a bit of a departure from my usual characters. With the latest deluge of period drama’s I have been reading a new batch of  the classics- Jane Eyre, Tess of the D’Urbivilles and Wuthering Heights. They all represent a different take on the gender politics of the time, and use unlike-able characters to lead the drama. Byronic characters Heathcliff and Rochester provide a nice departure from the insipid parlour suit men of the day- and they also enable the women entangled within their melodrama to run the gamut of personality from the passionate and dramatic to the Stoic and unyielding.

So the first in the series is a developing is Edward and Jane – a tribute the the Gray little bird and the dark and rough looking Raven. They will be on display soon at Eyeball Kicks in Cuba Street-


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