Pictoplasma : The Missing Link

My Yeti character “Tukino” has been selected to be a part of the upcoming Missing link exhibition as a part of the Paris Pictoplasma exhibition. He is one of 500 selected pieces out of over 5000+ submissions.
The Exhibition will be at the Gaite Lyrique – http://www.gaite-lyrique.net/ from the 7th -31st December 2011

Pictoplasma is the world’s leading organisation dedicated to contemporary character design and art in all its many facets and media. By collecting, examining and making comparable an endless figurative image production, even the slightest shift in recurring motifs becomes readable – and allows surprising conclusions to underlaying topics and current zeitgeist trends. And suddenly they seem to be everywhere: white, hairy, friendly creatures, just feature-less enough to serve as the perfect empty screen for the viewers to project their own narration, yet exactly the right amount of hairiness, to make you want to get into physical cuddle-mode.
We can’t avoid being reminded of all those archetypical Big Foot, Abominable Snowman and Yeti legends – one of the last mysterious entities without a clear depiction in our culture of visual overdose and instant google-search gratification.
As a research project we have asked international artists, designers and illustrators to share their graphical character designs of the Yeti, Big Foot, Sasquatch, Albino Werewolf, Meh-teh, Nuk-luk, Yeren – and have accidentally unleashed an avalanche of hairy creatures: We have received more than 5000+ entries from all round the globe, with sightings occurring in Finland, the Iran, South Africa, Chile, Korea, Russia, North Carolina, New Zealand, and everywhere in between…Our initial plan was to condense all of the received imaginary portraits to their platonic ideal, hoping to get a better understanding of one of our time’s last secret characters. Will we succeed?
The result will be presented as an art installation at the heart of the upcoming Pictoplasma Paris Exhibition at la Gaîté lyrique, taking place during the month of December.
And this is my entry “Tukino”
Tukino is a pretty shy kind of a fellow, he lives on Mt Ruapehu in New Zealand, at the top of the Whangaehu glacier. He is often seen by climbers and trampers, but he doesn’t eat them-being a vegetarian. He sleeps during the day buried in the snow, and during the evenings he pops down tot he Tongariro crossing for a light snack of Heather and Reticulated Coprosma. During the long summer months he digs into the summit of either of the three peaks and waits for it to snow again.

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